Meditation for Kids Mega Pack

This Meditation for Kids Mega Pack! is a bundle of 30 of our best meditations for kids of all ages. We have had lots of positive feedback from these Meditations helping with Sleep Issues, Stress, Anxiety, Autism, Depression and other disabilities as well as being great for general relaxation and building a calm and peaceful inner life for your little one.

Our Meditations have been used in many schools and homes all over the world, having a very positive impact!

"...Some of these students are 17 year old boys, and you haven’t seen anything until you’ve seen the school ‘bad boy’ arguing his case for floating on a cloud! The effect has been astounding on both concentration and behaviour."

Ms Gammond
Head of English
Cairo English School

On many occasions we have been asked about purchasing our Kids Meditations as MP3s without any of the commercials which can be used offline. So, we have come up with 30 of our best Kids Meditations taking them on many magical adventures from visiting their Secret Treehouse to flying with Unicorns!

We have decided to sell this Mega Pack at a discounted and affordable price (Costs $60 if purchased individually!), so the meditations are available to all.


MP3s within Kids Meditation Mega Pack:

  • Your Secret Treehouse - Guided Meditation (16:03)
  • Flying Unicorns - Guided Meditation (18:35)
  • Mermaid & The Underwater Palace - Guided Meditation (18:01)
  • The Fairy Garden - Guided Meditation (16:52)
  • Rainbow Waterfall - Guided Meditation (19:18)
  • Your Magical Island - Guided Meditation (20:02)
  • The Friendly Whale - Guided Meditation (17:45)
  • Little Green Alien - Guided Meditation (17:56)
  • Basket of Happiness - Guided Meditation (17:07)
  • You Can Fly! - Guided Meditation (20:46)
  • Spaceship to the Moon - Guided Meditation (18:13)
  • Portal to Paradise - Guided Meditation (13:32)
  • The Angel - Guided Meditation (19:55)
  • The Wishing Well - Guided Meditation (18:53)
  • The Confidence Cap - Guided Meditation (18:21)
  • The Magic Shell - Guided Meditation (13:30)
  • Floating Balloons - Guided Meditation (14:37)
  • Magic Carpet Ride - Guided Meditation (22:55)
  • Your Time Machine - Guided Meditation (23:54)
  • Beach House of Peace - Guided Meditation (20:02)
  • The Magic Telescope - Guided Meditation (31:14)
  • Big Purple Dinosaur - Guided Meditation (29:58)
  • The Sleeping Hammock - Bedtime Meditation (30:25)
  • Bed in the Clouds - Bedtime Meditation (30:19)
  • The Enchanted Forest: Discovering the Flute - Guided Meditation (17:41)
  • The Enchanted Forest: A Gift from the Tribe - Guided Meditation (18:41)
  • Little Blue Frog - Bedtime Story Meditation (12:40)
  • The Magical Ocean - Bedtime Meditation Music (1:10:42)
  • The Sacred Forest - Bedtime Meditation Music (1:01:21)
  • The Dream Flute - Bedtime Meditation Music (59:04)

This equates to over 12 hours of Kids Meditations to listen to at your will!

Thank you for your Support!

Lesley & Tony

New Horizon

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**These MP3s are for Personal use only**

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