MP3 Guided Meditation Mega Pack

This Guided Meditation Mega Pack is a bundle of 30 of our best Guided Meditations designed for raising consciousness; aiding sleep and relaxation, and for releasing any issues that are no longer serving your greater purpose.

Our Guided Meditations have been used to great effect all over the world and the feedback we have received has been overwhelming!

"I first came across your guided meditations on YouTube, the first one I did was meeting my guardian angel. I have enjoyed many more of your meditations and just wanted to to say thank you...I am currently suffering from a bad phase of chronic fatigue syndrome/ME and have done so on and off for 10 years now but this current phase is very bad. Your relaxing meditations are so wonderful for relaxing all body mind and spirit as often I suffer from pains and brain fog...your guided meditations have been a great help and truely relax me so I just wanted to say thank you and I appreciate your hard work and the fact they are easy to access. Not only are they relaxing they are also very enjoyable to do, delving deeper to my inner self but also connecting with angels.
Many thanks again,
Hayley "

Hayley Melling

On many occasions we have been asked about purchasing our Guided Meditations as MP3s without any of the commercials which can be used offline. So, we have come up with 30 of our best Guided Meditations covering many areas and have decided to sell them at a discounted and affordable price (Costs over $55 if purchased individually) so they are available to all.

MP3s within this Guided Meditation MegaPack:

  • Higher Self Guided Meditation (59:39)
  • Opening the Third Eye Guided Meditation (40:36)
  • Akashic Records Guided Meditation (41:49)
  • Life Purpose Guided Meditation (42:11)
  • Meet Your Spirit Guide Meditation (45:47)
  • Past Life Regression Guided Meditation (01:01:33)
  • REAL YOU Guided Meditation (57:19)
  • Meeting Your Guardian Angel (21:53)
  • Meeting a Loved One in Spirit (31:11)
  • Angel Healing Guided Meditation (59:29)
  • Astral Projection Guided Meditation (32:08)
  • Aura Cleansing Guided Meditation (29:16)
  • Floating on a Cloud Guided Meditation (30:03)
  • Garden Mindfulness Meditation (29:53)
  • Astral Travel Guided Meditation (40:27)
  • LOA Peace & Tranquillity Guided Meditation (31:45)
  • Guided Meditation to Enhance Psychic Abilities (40:55)
  • Inner Peace Flight to Freedom Guided Meditation (34:57)
  • Opening the Energy Centres Guided Meditation (28:49)
  • Sending Healing to Loved Ones Guided Meditation (16:38)
  • Starry Night Guided Meditation (24:57)
  • Candle Visualization Guided Meditation (24:14)
  • Journey into the Bamboo Forest Guided Meditation (31:45)
  • Letting Go of Thoughts Guided Meditation (41:13)
  • Mindfulness Guided Meditation – Be Still (23:57)
  • Beach Relaxation Guided Meditation (24:37)
  • Color Therapy Guided Meditation (22:15)
  • Pregnancy & Relaxation Guided Meditation (24:50)
  • Self Healing Guided Meditation (09:40)
  • White Light of Protection Guided Meditation (09:57)

This equates to over 16 hours of Guided Meditations to listen to at your will!

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**These MP3s are for Personal use only**

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